Zoltan ‘Sonny’ Erdelyi

“You can push yourself really hard and get in to racing and it’s just so great being in the race, so many paddle boarders around you and you compete as to who is quicker, who can do quicker turns, it’s just great. It’s such a good atmosphere…”

It’s true, Zoltan ‘Sonny’ is a really competitive person, his background comes from 15 years of flat water canoeing, 3 years white water rafting and he started his stand up paddle boarding in 2012. Despite that paddle boarding is new thing he managed to get sponsors and get good results in a short amount of time. He is competing in most big paddle boards competitions around the UK at the moment.

When we met, besides shooting and filming, most of time we spent was trying land paddle boarding. This is a completely new thing here in the UK, so I had two boards and two sticks to try, and Sonny just loved it. Maybe it’s a new turn for a new sport and new competitions? We will see. See you around Sonny! Good stuff.

Zoltan Sonny Erdelyi 01