Sean White

” …And all the while, I didn’t really have any aspirations of my own. You know where were my dreams? And who was helping me fulfill them? Probably no one, I realised I needed to do it myself. Everybody’s got their dreams, and I wanted to paddleboard so I was like ‘I’m just gonna do it’. Along that journey for me just going ‘I wanna do that’ even when no one else was doing it and I wasn’t gonna be able to get any help because no one else knew what to do with it, I found an amazing adventure and some incredible people to do it with. And because of the accessibility of it, because whether you’re six years old or sixty-five years old, you can get on that paddle board. Everybody will learn a different experience, everybody will learn a different attitude towards their experience and it’s just non-stop inspiration. I’ll never make a million pounds out of it, but I’ll always be free to fully enjoy my life on my paddle board.” – Sean White (WeSUP).

Sean White (Freedom series)