Mark Slater (Bournemouth)

On my first days of travelling to the South-West coast of England I met Mark. Absolutely a man who enjoys the water sports. He says: “I love stand up paddle boarding and I enjoy competing, but I don’t want the competing side of it to distract off enjoyment. Yes, it’s good to compete, but if I stop enjoying it and if it was only about competition then it take the element of fun away from me.”

I thought, that what we was chatting about was giving me a new thoughts about it, and for me this project turns more then only watersports, it’s a lifestyle of people who does it and it reflects that our society is missing something. Freedom to do what you want to do? All those rules around us are sometimes so unnecessary and at some point you start realising that. You need to stop, you need to look around and start living your life, not only to follow a “plan” to the bright future…

Mark Slater (Bournemouth) 01