2000 metres…

Thanks to photography it is possible to talk, tell and to express it, which sometimes may lack words for. But there is also a drawback in this – often someone reads this story not completely right, or they only see the fact, event, even though it looks like there is a whole life philosophy in there. I don’t record a specific event – the two thousand metre track that has just been swam by my photographed rowers, and here and now, an already happened action counteraction.

It is unprovoked, not acted out, it is just a two thousand metre confession which has been survived here and now. It is like an absolute approximation, real emotions which are expressed by their body language, emotions that aren’t acted out: strength…determination…goal seeking…fatigue…the overcoming of 2000 metres…

2000 metres 01

2000 metres 02

2000 metres 03

2000 metres 04

2000 metres 05

2000 metres 06

2000 metres 07