Windsurfing… It all started the first moment I placed myself onto the board. I remember unpacking everything and getting ready for this as if I were going on an adventure of some sort. As I stepped onto the wet surface of the board I could feel the chilly wind brush through me as if clearing my problems and thoughts. Now it was only me, the water and my windsurf board. The front of my board started tilting upwards as I gained speed. When I finally started to speed up, a connection began, I could finally enjoy the exhilaration of this moment in time; the moment where the world seemed to float away from me and all my thoughts of the real world were drifted away by the wind and waves.

Two years ago I started windsurfing myself. During this time I gained experience by socialising with different people who shared similar interests with me. I enjoyed this a lot, since it created a chilled out and laid back atmosphere among the different personalities of people I talked to. Since I knew in my heart that I wanted to and was a photographer I decided to join water sports and photography together into one. I started to shoot a series like a documentary of people who take up water sports. Many photographers find it more important to take pictures of the people doing the sport in the moment but I would rather take images of them personally since it means I can communicate with them and get to know them as the actual people instead of just someone who takes part in a water sport. I prefer to use older photography processes e.g. film sheets, glass plates and paper, since I personally think that the process takes up more time and creates a kind of more faithful connection between the person being photographed and the photographer.

At the moment, I’m collaborating with many extreme sport members in England and some away from the borders of the UK. From this I am working on a new photography’s series. I will update my blog continuously to show how things are progressing.

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